Janathon #5 – hello darkness my old friend

Today was the day that I was dreading. Wednesday night is yoga night and so Wednesday morning was running morning. The alarm was due to go off at 5.45 (to factor in some essential faffing around) and in true Juneathon style, I woke up an hour before it was about to go off. The upside of this was that I got to hear a bit more of Test Match Special, the downside was that I was awake at 4.45. There are two 4.45s in a day? What’s that all about.

When it was eventually time to get up, I listened to the swoosh of passing traffic on the rainswept  road and thought “Ah, a refreshing run through all of nature’s glory – how wonderful and uplifting”. That’s a lie. I listened to the swoosh of passing traffic on the rainswept  road, made sad whimpering noises and thought thoughts that use bad words.

I still went out though. A 2 mile rest day in a lopsided figure of 8 (the sort of with a small, wonky head and a morbidly obsese body. All my 8s looked like that as a child, I had very poor motor skills, but I digress) run quite fast (for me) because it was cold and wet and dark. I saw a milkman, a dog walker and a man at a bus stop.

You know what? I quite enjoyed it.

Day 5/31 –  2 miles
Ferrero rochers burned

7 thoughts on “Janathon #5 – hello darkness my old friend

  1. Adele says:

    Woah, really well done on getting out, most people would have turned over and caught the rest of the sleep they had lost!

  2. kathryn says:

    I haven’t had to get up super-early for a run yet, but it’s coming and I’m really not looking forward to it. So well done you.

  3. travellinghopefully says:

    Once I’d peeled my eyes open and got outside it was surprisingly ok. I did sneak a bit of a catnap when I got in though…

  4. Helen says:

    had my first run in the morning dark this morning too once you are out there its quite refreshing – arrrh its so nice to know other people are insane too! You do get to say good morning to the fruit delivery man too.

  5. Highway Kind says:

    Speaking as someone who is doing Janathon for softies I would have been satisfied to count yoga a ny exercise of the day.

    But you are made of sterner stuff

    • travellinghopefully says:

      You’re very kind! A lot of the yoga involved cleansing breathing,, so it might have pushed the even flexible boundaries of the Athons.

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