Janathon #15 – daylight runs are supposed to have nice weather

Given that some brave Janathon souls were doing Grim today, I’m slightly ashamed by how soft I was this morning. I was accompanied by Ginge again today and when he asked how far I was going, I cheerfully replied “four to six miles”. We set off. It was a bit drizzly. We reached the 2 mile point for an out and back route and I suggested making a bit more interesting and looping back through the next village. The rain came down harder. Ginge suggested doing a route that took us off road, down the side of the railway tracks (I’m not allowed to do this route on my own as it’s a bit lonely and there might be all sorts of ne’er do wells skulking in the bushes). The rain grew fatter, the wind grew stronger. “How far are we doing?” asked Ginge. “As long as it’s at least 3 miles…” I replied. We carried on and started to do a loop round the back of the house to make it up to 4 miles. “How far’s left?” asked Ginge. “We’re just coming up to 3.75” I replied. We carried on through the now pouring rain, bracing ourselves against the gusts. “How far now?” asked Ginge. “You’re not going to like me” I replied. “What have you done?” “Um. Well we’re still at 3.76. I must have pressed stop when I faffed around with my sleeve….”. And so I carried on with another mini-loop to take it to 4 while Ginge retired gracefully indoors (having run an actual 4 miles, but without feeling the need to have this evidenced via Garmin, ah to be free of the tyranny).

Fig 1.1. Sleeve to demonstrate pre and post run fabric colour. This cancels the need for any other photos of me looking like a drowned rat.

I was hoping to have some interesting animals from today’s run, but once again there were only sheep.

Sheep and trees again

Day 15/31 – 4 miles
Ferrero rochers burned