Janathon #4 – It wasn’t me guv

Following my post yesterday, I would like to start off by reassuring people that, as far as I know, the Yorkshire earthquake wasn’t caused by my bra-testing efforts in a branch of Debenhams across the Pennines. I have not yet had this confirmed by the British Geological Society, but noone’s coming knocking on my door demanding compensation and that’s good enough for me.

Today was the first of my Janathons in the dark, but I was supposed to have some company in the form of my friend (the original running bully who took me on my first faltering, wheezing run-walk steps a couple of years ago). However, she has a new chap in her life and I felt mean dragging her away from him for the sake of a 3 mile run. I was all set to venture out on my own when I got a text from Ginge (Mr Travelling Hopefully) offering me some company. Well, I’m not one to turn down some companionship, but we do have a chequered history of running together (see past blog posts if you’re interested, basically it goes something along the lines of we set off, he goes faster than me, he denies that he goes faster than me, I get into a strop, we fall out. Then we complete the first mile. Once I got a garmin, I proved he went faster than me and I don’t think we’ve been out together since).

I did offer Ginge the chance to guest blog this post, but he declined, so he only has himself to blame for anything that I write (Hello darling!). It was a lovely run – I got to go on a route that I wouldn’t do on my own, we had half an hour together where I wasn’t reading people’s Janathon blogs and he’s volunteered to run once or twice a week with me. Result! He’s fallen off the running wagon, but usually hops back on with irritating ease (I think it’s a bloke thing) so I’m going to enjoy his lack of speed while it lasts, at the end of which either we’ll start falling out or I’ll have to go faster.

In Janathon washing news, I have had to discover a second cycle on the washing machine (the F has worn off our dial as it’s the only one I use…) so that I could get my white (sock) wash done for tomorrow morning. I also keep forgetting what kit I own as I eventually condemned a couple of things that were either saggy from a boil wash (the result of the last time that I ventured away from F) or smelled like dog (the result of Juneathon, a tent and a laundry bag).

Day 4/31 – 3 miles
Ferrero rochers burned*

*Have just seen a Special K bar advert and thought “you could have a whole ferrero rocher and a lick of another instead of one of those. This is probably why I am rarely seen breezing round town in a little red dress. Ah well.