Janathon#17 – Twilight running: no vampires

Confession: I have never read or seen any part of the Twilight franchise. For me, Buffy is the place to go for vampiric pop culture and nowhere else. So there. And I’ve come home from doing the weekly shop to find that Hush is on Syfy – one of the best Buffy episodes ever! I’m giddy at the prospect.

I was able to get home a little earlier tonight, so with a quick change I was out in the fast descending gloom to do a 3 mile out and back. There’s not a lot to report on the run itself, the route took me along the middle section of Sunday’s run, I spotted plenty of dog walkers and saw a young lad and his mate having a smoke (he was either very very young or the cigs had stunted his growth). The half-hour gave me the chance to reflect on some work stuff and that was about it.

This very dull episode took me well and truly over the Janathon hump and provided a reminder to answer shazrun’s enquiry about the running total of Ferrero Rocher’s burned. The answer for the half way mark: 74 (and a half). I should take this opportunity to clarify that I’m not actually eating the chocolates while I blunder through Janathon; they are in fact historical Rochers and 74 (and a half) is several more than I actually scoffed at Christmas (though we shan’t dwell on Sunday night’s carb loading. Mmmmm, bread and butter pudding….).


Day 17/31 –3 miles
Ferrero rochers burned