Knitting + Sewing

I occasionally blog about knitting and have been trying to face the fear of my sewing machine, which means that if I cobble together something presentable, I may write about that as well.

There is a wonderful overlap of runners and knitters in my social media, so I feel no guilt whatsoever about going on about lovely lovely yarn instead of fartleks and energy gels.

I tend to knit small things, often small, novelty things that have no practical purpose. This is because I have a very poor attention span, am terrified of knitting anything which has to fit someone and thing that there is always room in this world for more small, novelty things that have no practical purpose.

6 thoughts on “Knitting + Sewing

  1. Four Seasons Knitting & Craft Club says:

    Hi, the Four seasons knitting & craft club, have done a lot of the innocent bottle caps, but I have never seen any in the shops, infact I read an artical in the Daily Mail dated May 28th, Innocent accused over charity ‘con’ Smoothie gaint ‘failed to hand over promised cash’. makes you think ?

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