Janathon #23 – Proper preparation…

Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Or some variation thereof. It took ages to plan today’s run; I didn’t want to run in the village, I wanted to go somewhere interesting, I didn’t fancy a route I planned last week because I think it should be reserved for nicer weather, I was happy to drive but not too far…

Due to cutbacks, all factories are now to be two-dimensional

Unfortunately, I got busted and was told in no uncertain terms that I was spending too far long planning, instead I should have been out doing some actual running. After a bit of googling I hit upon a plan, only to realise that while it was a good plan it was also a 10 mile plan. I pondered for while, got changed and drove 2 miles down the road to cut 4 miles off the loop. Part of me is proud of coming up with this plan, part of me is ashamed, but there is no way that I could have done 10 miles without a lot of walking and some tears.

The clouds were amazing today, this photo doesn't do them justice

I only had a vague idea of my plan; straight on, turn left, hope for the best, run round a lake, return by the same route. Although I managed to find my way, I forgot to account for the number of hills and the fact that it’s not the most inspirational of lakes (it’s actually a reservoir). However, it was nice to go somewhere entirely new and I added on an extra quarter of a mile to make up for a bit of walking on the return uphills (alright, it was also because it started raining and my car was a quarter of a mile away).


I accidentally stopped my garmin just after taking this. Not happy.

All in all, I did enjoy today’s run. Not having a clue where I was going took my mind off things, the extra quarter of a mile made it the longest one I’ve done in ages and I just felt good afterwards.

I know, I know, another tree.

If all goes according to plan, next weekend’s daylight running photos will not include trees or fields. Phew.

Day 23/31 – 6.25 miles
Ferrero rochers burned