Janathon #7 – Hanging out with the hi-vis kids

As we finished our sociable run last night, we found ourselves surrounded by althetic types clad in lycra and hi-vis. We were also clad in lycra and hi-vis, but were a slightly less convincingly althletic sight (if you can imagine two oversized black puddings stuffed into trainers, that’s me in my tights). They did their stretches and we basked in their reflected glory so that any passer by might think that we part of this elite group.

I am in fact a member of a running club anTwitter / Home d (hilariously) have an England Athletics membership card that claims that I am an athlete. Despite my membership I haven’t done much club running except a frozen trail run at the end of November, however the club is doing a series of ‘Boot Camp’ runs every day from tonight until Monday and I opted in to one  tonight. It was described as “mainly downhill”, which should have made me nervous as it suggests that there will be a substantial amount of uphill as well. There was.

Oh and my garmin took a while to get a signal, so my pace is a bit skewed (well that’s my excuse).

Day 7/31 –  3.5 miles
Ferrero rochers burned*