Janathon #13 – in which we mainly moaned about stuff

I must be getting used to the mornings as I spent the entire day with the nagging feeling that I’d forgotten to do something. Luckily (really?) I’m on an early one tomorrow so that we can have an evening of dvds and falafel. Instead, day 13 was a sociable three miles where we moaned about stuff, set the world to rights and ticked off another day of Janathon. According to the timber yard clock, it was a balmy 10.3C and I was far too warm in my jacket.

I appear to have run out of words tonight. Work continues to leave me feeling whacked at the end of the day and I find myself drifting off to the imaginary wool shop that I run in my head whenever things get bad. Being positive about it, the nightmare that I had on day 6 has just about reached a satisfactory conclusion, despite continuing to be a cursed at other points during the week. Also, it is almost Friday. This is a good thing.

Hopefully normal service will be resumed tomorrow (by normal service, I mean early morning rambling nonsense. Don’t say I didn’t warn you).

Day 13/31 –3  miles
Ferrero rochers burned