Janathon #2 – Hungry ducks

During Juneathon, I enjoyed quite a few early morning runs in one of our local nature reserves. It makes a nice 3ish mile loop, it’s very calming (I stomped there on a spectacularly but pointlessly angry run once. It worked.) and it’s good to get off the main road. I usually take out my earphones to try to focus on the sights and sounds around me, there’s usually a low murmur of quacking to accompany me around the lodge. It turns out that it’s less quiet on a Sunday lunchtime on a bank holiday weekend.  After leaping off the path for one too many duck feeders, I opted for looping back along a quieter path away from the water.


Many many ducks

The ducks are coralled in a tiny bit of the lodge. They do have a bit more water available to them this week, but you still get mobbed for bread by a quacking mass of feathers.

Having woken up a touch achy this morning, my quads grumbled about any part of the route that wasn’t on the flat. It’s unfortunate (or a wonderful opportunity, depending on how much of a positive spin you want to put on this) that the return part of my loop is either via a short sharp hill or a long steady hill, neither of which seemed terribly appealing.  Long steady hill won and slowed me down (by a minute/mile), but I made it to the top and home in time for dinner.

Day 1/31 – 3 miles
Ferrero rochers burned*