Janathon #26 – twist and shout

Regular visitors will now that Wednesday night is yoga night. As such, any running is done in the morning as I have a 2 hour turnaround afrom getting in from work to setting off to yoga. That’s the theory. My brain was full again last night, which meant that I went to sleep far later than intended, which meant that when my alarm went off this morning I thought “oh, I could run early after all” and promptly fell back asleep until 7.

By the time I finished work, got home and got sorted to go out, it was gone half six. My brain was more full than the night before and every muscle in my body felt zingy. The answer to this? Belt out 2 miles, reduce stress and have enough time to eat. Rather than just run wildly, I used my recently downloaded Pyramid Training session from Audiofuel. I started doing a bit of interval training when I was following a Proper Training Plan back in the summer (clearly post-Juneathon madness) and developed a love-hate relationship with it. I hated the thought of doing it, but really enjoyed the actual doing and found that it really helped my running at that time. I downloaded the Pyramid Training with the thought that it would turn my short runs into something useful. Tonight it was just the ticket; short run, brain full of counting my feet to the beat and taking a huge amount of pleasure from just running fast!

Yoga was always going to be painful tonight – I’m holding tension in my upper body and Janathon in my legs. No matter what we did I knew that ultimately it was going to be beneficial, but the actual process was going to hurt. It did. It was lovely.

Day 26/31 –2.2 miles
Ferrero rochers burned