Janathon 5&6/31: parcels

 Yesterday I was supposed to do my Magic Plan’s 6 minute assessment run (basically warm up, easy run, walk, run as far as I can in 6 minutes, collapse, easy run, obsessively check how this has changed the plan). However, I was still feeling grotty, we had a Christmas tree to take down and my new trainers were cruelly snatched away from me and taken back to the UPS depot. In no mood to put some effort in,  I rescheduled (which is why I love TrainAsONE) and just did my strength stuff. I also happened to be flipping through twitter when I spotted another hip flexor exercise from Kinetic Revolution and tried that out as well.

Today was another matter. Mini Ginge blessed me with a rare lie in til 8 and I was feeling a lot more human this morning. We had a lovely adventure with Gran doing the big shop at Morrisons and then tramping around the park where we fed the ducks…

  And spotted some remarkably early snowdrops. 


Then we had a brew and one of us fell asleep in the car on the way home. This gave me chance to do my strength stuff without interruption and answer the door to the nice man who brought me these beauties.   

They are the girliest trainees that I have ever owned but were the only ones available in clown size. 

It seemed rude not give them an outing, so I pottered off for my run and came home to discover that my 6 minute run was exactly the same pace as in October. This gives me a bit of optimism that I haven’t lost that much fitness whilst having a very lazy December.

But that is only one parcel and the title of this post is the plural. Well, even though I didn’t get my trainers yesterday, the postman did bring me a belated Christmas present from Ginge. And then today, I received the lovely sparkly Winter 10k medal from Pow Virtual Running, which looks like a rather splendid way to start the new year’s bling.


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