Janathon #6 – Running as therapy

Today started badly and went downhill from there. Work is quite stressful at the moment, but it’s only in the last 24 hours that I’ve realised that it’s built up a little too much. Last night’s yoga meditation was interrupted by thoughts of work, which had the bonus effect of stopping me falling asleep, and this morning’s escapades sealed it for me.

First priority this morning was getting another Janathon wash on the go. I managed this, but managed to bundle in the cardigan that I was meant to be wearing. Alternative cardi found. Work shoes located. Off I go. A mile up the road I realise that I have my dinner, I have my bag of running kit, but I don’t have my work bag. Too late to return home, I have to manage without it. In the event, this didn’t matter as I spent all afternoon trapped in the office trying to resolve one urgent case that was trapped within a series of public sector catch-22s. By the time I left work (40 minutes late), my head was full.

Cue a bit of Dusty in the car, 28 miles up the motorway singing along (badly) all the way, and out for a sociable 3 miles with my mate. I’m not looking forward to tomorrow, but I feel less like I’m teetering on the edge.

Day 6/31 –  3 miles
Ferrero rochers burned