Janathon #2 – Hungry ducks

During Juneathon, I enjoyed quite a few early morning runs in one of our local nature reserves. It makes a nice 3ish mile loop, it’s very calming (I stomped there on a spectacularly but pointlessly angry run once. It worked.) and it’s good to get off the main road. I usually take out my earphones to try to focus on the sights and sounds around me, there’s usually a low murmur of quacking to accompany me around the lodge. It turns out that it’s less quiet on a Sunday lunchtime on a bank holiday weekend.  After leaping off the path for one too many duck feeders, I opted for looping back along a quieter path away from the water.


Many many ducks

The ducks are coralled in a tiny bit of the lodge. They do have a bit more water available to them this week, but you still get mobbed for bread by a quacking mass of feathers.

Having woken up a touch achy this morning, my quads grumbled about any part of the route that wasn’t on the flat. It’s unfortunate (or a wonderful opportunity, depending on how much of a positive spin you want to put on this) that the return part of my loop is either via a short sharp hill or a long steady hill, neither of which seemed terribly appealing.  Long steady hill won and slowed me down (by a minute/mile), but I made it to the top and home in time for dinner.

Day 1/31 – 3 miles
Ferrero rochers burned*

7 thoughts on “Janathon #2 – Hungry ducks

  1. Keith says:

    Love the photo – one of the ducks (lower right) looks like he’s ice skating 🙂 I’m sure the aching will subside, nice going.

  2. sharon says:

    Know what you mean about sore quads mine fine till I sat on the toilet first thing this morning! Will the muscle soreness wear off or continue for the next month as in theory we wont have any ‘rest days’?

  3. Elle says:

    I know that quad strain pain all too well, well done on tackling the hill, not sure I would have had your commitment/determination! good work

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