Janathon #1 – Travelling Hopefully v the ambassador

Janathon forgive me, it is a long time since I ran. December 12th was the last thing to be recorded on my Garmin so there was a certain amount of dread and trepidation about the start of Janathon. My excuses have gone (in order) icy roads/snow/eating ferrero rocher and knitting in the warm/slush/ummm… Since going back to work after Christmas I’ve seen loads of runners and whilst this has made me very envious, I’ve not actually done anything myself. Except reflecting and looking back on my goals from last year.

It turns out that I was sitting on my arse eating ferrero rocher this time last year as well (which comes as no surprise) and I didn’t really set any running goals (apart from running my first 10k, which was carried over from 2009). I mainly wanted to be more sociable and dynamic – we won’t dwell on the level of success with these, let’s just say that I remain cantankerous and hesitant. I didn’t even really manage any of knitting goals –  didn’t learn to crochet, didn’t knit a sock, didn’t finish the throw that’s been in my knitting bag for a year and a bit, didn’t start the felted bag that’s been waiting since June 2009… I did sort my wool pile (on Boxing day) and did learn to knit on double pointed needles, but rather than knit a sock I used my new found skills to knit a banana and a Grumpasaurus.

I haven’t really set any goals for this year (all suggestions welcome) other than putting up a good show for Janathon. I’m confident about the first 3 days and then I will be running in the dark for days 4-7, which doesn’t fill me full of optimism (despite my shiny new hi-vis vest). Day one was intended to be an extendable there and back again of at least 3 miles  (it turned out to be 4 miles) and didn’t turn out to be as painful or slow as I had imagined. This was good in itself, but the highlight came just yards from my front door when I saw cars stopping to let a cat cross the road on a zebra crossing (note to self, must get padding for this ancedote).

Day 1/31 – 4 miles
Ferrero rochers burned*

*Alright, so it’s actually 6.93

Now to catch to catch up on everyone else’s blogs…

13 thoughts on “Janathon #1 – Travelling Hopefully v the ambassador

  1. Maggiee says:

    Well done on your 4 miles… that’s also what I managed today in the vain attempt to burn off the dirty Mcdonalds… I only have one a year… honest!

  2. Vicky says:

    Love the Grumpasaurus! and the Ferro Rocher counter, I ate half of box of them last night, which I’m not sure any run could have got rid of.

  3. irunbecauseilovefood says:

    Good to have you back; did an actual LOL at your Ferrero Rocher count – class.

    And, take comfort in the fact that your run was way better than mine, especially given the cat-on-zebra-crossing highlight.

  4. stephenamp says:

    To be fair if the cat went to the effort of finding a zebra crossing I’d probably stop for it too! They are one of the most intelligent animals after all. Well done on the Ferrero Rocher count – you should do this for the whole month so you’ll have “some in the bank” for next Christmas. “I’m entitled to eat 300 Ferrero Rocher – I ran every day in January!”!!

  5. Athena says:

    my cat made a nest in my knitting, carefully kneading the lace weight wool into a lump. I like the candy counter too.

  6. Keith says:

    I don’t do knitting, perhaps I should. I also don’t receive many knitted goods. My Mum asked me what jumper I wanted when I was about 5 (I think) she never finished it, she just kept unpicking it and and starting again! She still has the wool and at Christmas I asked he to knit me a hat and scarf with it … the wool is over 40 years old and I’m sure I deserve it. Anyway, well done for making a start on Janathon.

  7. Ruth Lewy says:

    Well done! I absolutely love your grumposaurus and might even try making something similar as a running talisman.. (a sweaty cheetah?) But then my knitting skills mean it’ll probably be a blob. A sweaty blob. Would love to know how you made it.
    Good luck for day 2 and beyond!

  8. Corina says:

    If only I’d carried on knitting after my gran taught me as a child. I’d love to be able to make a grumpasaurus but I can only make squares, or at least I could 25 years ago!

  9. Highway Kind says:

    I like the unit of measurement. I think you should build a mountain with real Ferrero Rocher at the end of January to physically represent all your effort. It could be impressive.

    Anyway good luck with the rest of the month

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