Janathon #27 – social Thursday

A 3.5 mile run with good company along a route that always reminds me of spending New Year’s Eve 2008 alternating between whimpering under the duvet and running to the loo (we ran early evening,I felt fine, had tea, started to develop a sneaking suspicion that I hadn’t manage to avoid the lurgy that Ginge had been suffering. I was right.).

It was an uneventful run apart from two fine gentleman who wanted to encourage us on our way.  One commented that there was plenty of heavy breathing – my response? “It’s cold”. The response that I thought of 10 metres away? “It’s cheaper than ringing 0898 numbers”. Dammit.

Oh, and I forgot to say that I was struck down with yoga mat rage last night. I feel that it’s polite to leave about 2 feet between mats, enough to spread out your arms. I feel that it’s incredibly rude to leave a foot or so more space meaning that there’s not quite enough room for someone else to squeeze in. I feel that it’s even more rude just to lie there when two people come in together and then have to squeeze themselves in a corner if they want to be near to each other. Two people did that last night! Bloody rude the pair of them…

Day 27/31 –3.5 miles
Ferrero rochers burned

3 thoughts on “Janathon #27 – social Thursday

  1. MrLumpyBadger says:

    It’s not just yoga mats – I have the same thing in Body Pump where you’ve got all the mats, steps and weights and people just don’t do the etiquette of leaving the right amount of space behind you.

  2. kathryn says:

    Well glad to hear you weren’t struck down by the lurgy this time. At least two ridiculous people is better than illness and whimpering under a duvet.

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