Day 29/30 – nearly there…

Yesterday I was playing a game of chicken with my phone battery while I was posting. It’s definitely been a bit of a challenge posting while I’ve been in the tent and I’ve been trying to keep up with other people’s juneathons as best I can. It’s also kept down my lengthy whinging about my bee sting (at its peak on Monday it was a 6 inch diameter of red swelling, now its about 3 inches with a hint of yellow bruise).

I know it seems like madness carrying on with juneathon while camping, but to be honest I don’t think I’d be finishing with half as much enthusiasm if I’d been dragging myself out of bed for prework plods sound the village. It’s been lovely running somewhere new and, possibly more importantly, incredibly flat. Kent, oh how I love your lack of inclines! I actually like it so much here that I’ve done some washing so that our neighbours don’t have to witness me in my (barely decent) third reserve running kit.

Today was a 2 mile loop around the farm, resisting the lure of the jaunty footpath signs even though there was a little wooden troll bridge. One day to go…

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