Day 30/30 – can i stop now?

And so my juneathon finished just as it had started; waking up way before the alarm went off in the fear that I would miss it. Except that now the alarm is a donkey. I lumbered off around the country lanes, eager as ever not to be run over by a tractor and did 3 miles at 10.06min/mile. Kent makes me faster.↲↲ Back at the tent, Ginge was waiting with a hug and a bottle of water, and I lay on my back on the dewy grass watching the clouds. Until that is I totted up my mileage for the month. 99 miles. Can you see where this is going? On went the socks, the trainers and the garmin and off I went to claim my juneathon century. 9 minutes and 13 seconds later, it was well and truly over. 30 days, 31 runs, 100 miles. I’ve proper enjoyed on it and will reflect on it more when I don’t have to poke at a phone with a stick. What I will say is that it’s been a joy reading everyone’s blogs and I’ve really appreciated everyone’s comments on mine. Thank you!