Day 10/30: Camaraderie with big sweaty men. Also, ducks.

Today’s run was planned to be a long club run. However…

I had a work day that was very intense, not in a bad way, just full on and I’ve completed my third incident form this week. By 5 o’clock my head was full and my muscles were zinging. Normally I would come home and slouch with a brew and hobnob, but not during Juneathon, oh no.  Instead of a club run (where I would have to be vaguely sociable) I went round to my mum’s to offload (declining a cup of tea and a delve in the treat tin) and ended up doing a 2.5mile route of my mum’s suggestion.

It took me down an offshoot of the canal that is closed to boats, but seems very popular with dog walkers and duck feeders (including my mum who does this route as a pram walk with my niece). The ducks seem to have got wise to this and there was a flotilla of twenty-odd ducks who were pursuing a small girl in a bright pink anorak. I do hope she had enough bread to satisfy them, otherwise I fear that they could have ganged up and carried her off.

Being out at teatime meant that I actually saw people, including a few runners. I have missed the pleasure of connecting with others, even if the only thing that we have in common is that we’re wearing trainers.

I finished up being a lot more chilled and even enjoyed running without tunes, so that’s a result even if it wasn’t what I planned.