Day 24/30 – On the last minute from start to finish

This morning has to be a new record – an hour and a quarter between alarm going off and me going out. I’m going to blam pre-holiday giddiness for this (rather than downright reluctance to go out). No matter what happens over the next six days, today was my last morning Juneathon run round the village.

Tomorrow we venture south. Potentially, this is when the wheels will fall off my Juneathon bus as the idea of running during six days of my holiday is a bit grim (I forgot about the holiday when I signed up). However, having reached this point, I’m buggered if I’m going to give up now (also Ginge is proving to be a hard taskmaster and will not let me give up now) and the idea of running in new places is quite exciting. The running may also help to offset my camping sweet tooth and bombay mix habit a bit. Incidentally, I peered into the basket of a thin woman in her gym kit while we were just in tesco – it contained skimmed milk, yoghurt and bananas. I had just hurled my bombay mix and a bottle of vimto into the trolley – I suspect that this may be where I’m going wrong with the diet. On the other hand, I looked a lot smilier than she did.

Half the camping stuff is in the car, I need to pack all of my stuff and it’s just been pointed out that a Juneathon fail at this point would be very embarassing….

PS. I did 3 miles this morning.