Day 13/30 – whose bloody idea was this?

Alright, I was perky a couple of days ago but this morning was a bugger. I resented that I had to go out and do bloody Juneathon (staying in bed until Desert Island Discs started) and I was grumpy for the majority of the 3 miles that I hacked out. The only highlight was nearly being run over by the man who ran into the back of my car in March – he’s going to have to get up pretty early if he’s that determined to take me out, I was still too fast for him this morning….

At 11.30, the village was mainly occupied by people either doing landscape gardening or clanking bottles or cans into their wheelie bins. No runners passed, but I did see a couple of women bedecked in pink being dropped off after one of the local race for lifes (races for life? Races for lives? I don’t know).

It was a bit overcast and gloomy when I went out, unfortunately this turned into a downpour by this afternoon – which cut short my planned morris dancing watching as they only managed a couple of routines before being beaten by the weather (and before we went to another pub).

Morris dancing in the rain

Morning glory, flowering briefly today

Crikey I’m grumpy tonight.