Day 20/30 – abandoned in a layby

Very odd running day for me today and another one that wouldn’t have been an actual running day if it wasn’t for Juneathon.

Enjoyed a lie in til 8 and then a leisurely breakfast outside in the sunshine while I waited for my mate to surface (an epic Xbox session for himself and Ginge did not make for an early start). After a bit of basking and minimal amount of housework, he appeared, blinking in the daylight, so we spent a lovely few hours carrying on with the basking, drinking tea and talking about running.

The main result of this was an amazing triangular patch of sunburn on my shin.

I finally went out for my run at about 8.30 when I was thrown out of the car on the way home from some maternal plant watering duties. Three miles from home, it was the return leg of one of my regular there and back agains and it felt very strange setting off from there. I decided to have a better go at some fartlek.

The main result of this was an average pace of 9.44min/miles.

Other good things about this:

  1. This is my fastest ever 3 miles
  2. I saw a Reliant Robin pulling a trailer containing 4 mountain bikes – an awesome sight if ever I saw one
  3. One of my fartlek points was a Reduce Speed Now sign (only following orders guv)
  4. I saw 3 bald sheep whose fleeces had been offered on our local freecycle-type thing. I so wanted those fleeces even though I have no skills or facilities to treat or spin them.

Morning run again tomorrow – a lazy two miles.