Day 26/30 wheat intolerant

We’re nicely settled in on the campsite now, the only hiccup was me being stung by an invisible bee yesterday (no body, just a sting) and my leg is still red and a bit swollen. Damn you invisible bee.

We’re actually set up next to the same couple as last year. He has skin the colour of mahogany, favours an outfit consisting entirely of miniscule shorts with lime green crocs and snores like rocks in a blender. We’ve also discovered he has a liking for nineties dance anthems.

Still, it wasn’t next door who woke up up this morning, just the donkey in the next field. Camping strips away the potential for run dodging, so i was dressed, bladder emptied and on my way. In the spirit of curiosity i turned right instead of left (if I’m totally honest it was 40% curiosity, 60% forgetting to turn left). It was a bit of a mistake as there were no landmarks or features, just endless road and wheat fields. I’m not asking for anything wild, just that Oooh field of wheat… Oooh field of wheat… Oooh field of wheat… doesn’t help pass the time.

3 miles, 1 funny look from the owner of the site and 2 very nice sausages on a barmcake on my return. Splendid.