Day 4/30 – unusually active

What I love about the heady combination of sunshine and Juneathon is that it makes me really active. Not just with the running (or last year’s crown green bowling/golfing/aerobics exploits), but with basic domestic tasks. Admittedly last night I ignored the ever-growing ironing pile in favour of reading other people’s blogs, but I did make my sandwiches for today. By the time I went to work this morning I’d pegged out last night’s washing, done another load and pegged it out, cleaned the bathroom, eaten breakfast outside in the sunshine and run 3 miles. For me, this is something of an achievement (normally getting dressed and going to work is achievement enough). It was also a bit of a relief to find that my legs weren’t as bad as they were yesterday, so I’m going to blame the life-prolonging yoga for me being mardy.