Juneathon 11/30 – later

I swear my son can mind read. I used love early runs (and relied heavily on them when I did hardcore Athons) but since Mini-Ginge came along, I think I have done one. At the most. He’s never been a brilliant sleeper, he’ll get off ok, but then decides that he wants something during the night. We’ve just had a good run of three nights sleeping through and I had planned to do an early interval session this morning. 

What happened is what always happens when I plan an early run (and by early I mean a 5.00 alarm call) – somehow he knows and wakes up around 1 or half past. Even if he settled quickly, I’m still on pins waiting for the delayed waaaah to come through the wall (he is also psychic for knowing just when I’ve decided that he’s settled and have settled down to sleep myself). 

So when 5.00 came, the alarm was switched off. At the time, I did think that I lay there contemplating getting up , but with hindsight I realise that I actually dreamed this… So no early run.

After work the sun was still doing its thing, which is lovely but I’m not built to run in the heat. By the time the boy was in bed, we’d had tea and I’d given it an hour to go down, I was getting much less inclined to go out. But I did. 3 mile loop, first half mile was tricky, then a mile of brilliance, then a pause to contemplate life and some sheep. The return was a bit wonky as my body kept reminding me that it wasn’t that long since I’d scoffed a big plate of fish and noodles. But I did it and finished with a warm glow of satisfaction and achievement, not to mention a fetching sheen of sweatiness. 

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