Juneathon 24/30 – Farewell dear Miles

First off, let’s gloss over days 22 and 23. I went to work, did errands (does buying new running kit count for Juneathon?), slouched, slept, went to work, tied up lose ends before holidays, ate gorgeous food, slouched and slept.

Had our nearby opticians not closed early for staff training, I would have had a brand spanky new bit of technology on Tuesday (they take in our parcels for us) and might have been inspired to do a quick run. However, all I could do was look mournfully out of the window and wait for Wednesday morning.

Unfortunately, I had to do an early run so that I could get my hair cut at ten, which has given me chance for a last hurrah with Miles my aged but well loved¬† Garmin Forerunner 205. He has served me well over the past six years, but is getting a tiny bit tempremental, he’s not beeped for a couple of years and it is a little like wearing a shoebox on your wrist. I have also fallen out with Garmin since it lost all of the satellite data from my race in San Francisco last year – I really wanted that map.

So this morning, we embarked on a random run, with the intention of doing between three and six miles. I set off with Miles showing me metric units as I had a 10k in mind, which totally threw me as I couldn’t translate minutes/mile into minutes/km. At first this was liberating, but it rapidly became annoying and I kept switching between the two. I struggled to settle into the run and took numerous walking breaks (a combination of my head talking me down, the sun and slightly weary legs).

I perservered because (a) I am doing a 10k with Hels on Sunday and (b) I wanted bling. If I did a 10k, I could claim my POW Virtual Running medal and bling is a big incentive for me. Basically I wanted one of these babies.

Image by POW Virtual RunningImage by POW Virtual Running

 Had it not been for the prospect of bling, I would have just done a few miles. I might have been a lot less red-faced at the hairdressers, but who really cares about that?