Juneathon 5/30 – random

Well the plan had been to get up early to do a rare before work run, however Mini-Ginge knows when I have such plans and he scuppers them on a regular basis. Last night was a 3.30am alarm call for no discernable reason. It was resolved fairly quickly but was enough for me to swipe away my 5am alarm clock and enjoy a pretend lie in. 

So an after work run was called for. It seemed a good chance to run somewhere different so I parked up and set my Garmin off looking for a satellite. I fear for my Garmin. When I turned him on he told me (in teeny tiny letters) that I was doing a bleep test. So I turned him off and on again, and he told me it was 1am. So I turned him off and on again, and he seemed ok, but it turns out that Wigan is too leafy and rural to get a satellite sign (who knew?). 

I waited. And waited. And waited.  And got bored of waiting so I set off with no signal. I vaguely know the area and had a rough plan in mind, only to choose a ridiculously steep road, then missed my turning and ended up doing a ridiculous kind of figure of eight of a route. 40 minutes, not sure of the distance, hot, sweaty, more lung dislodged, really enjoyed myself.