Juneathon 16/30 – late again

Despite me not breathing a word about wanting to go for an early run, Mini-Ginge clearly had got wind of my plans and woke me up at 2.30. 5.00 running alarm call was duly ignored. 

My plan b for an early evening run was scuppered by a tired boy who needed to go home, rather than wait for his sweaty mother. After an episode of The Clangers, he was put to bed and I embarked on a mission to make tonight’s tea, tomorrow night’s tea and my dinner for work tomorrow. Then Ginge came home, we had tea, we washed up and it was gone 10. 

So at 10.20, I changed out of my work stuff into something a bit more Lycra and did day 2 of Bootcamp. This was a session of upper body work that reminded me that above the waist, I am as weak as a kitten. I have very wonky shoulders that clicked and clunked and wobbled all the way through. I also had to improvise on the weight front, using 2 tins of chickpeas instead. 

There was lots of encouragement to do things at your own pace and progress as you get stronger. This was timed wonderfully to offset my thoughts of “I’m rubbish at this, it’s pathetic”, so go psychic Julia! On one exercise (I think it might have been in the warmup) it took me a while to figure out my rights and lefts, and arms and legs. It’s great to be able to pause and rewind something I’m not sure about. In reality, if I went to a class, I would get all hot and flustered before giving up. 

I suspect things may ache in the morning…