Juneathon 2/30 – kill or cure

Well yesterday’s cloud lifted a little bit by this morning and seemed to have shifted entirely by home time. Hurrah!

This did not stop me procrastinating about my run, though to be honest not much stops me from procrastinating about my run. I know the above/below the neck rule about running with a cold, but I feel absolutely fine apart from a slightly rattly chest and a bit of a cough.


The plan was do do a run-walk for 20 minutes, taking in the local nature reserve for #30dayswild. I felt ok running and stuck to the slightly wilder paths instead of taking my usual route around the lake. The sun was trying to shine, the gale force winds had settled down and the birds were singing. I stopped to take photos, tried my best to run up the hills, walked up some of them and rattled a bit.

By the time I was nearly home, I’d done two and a bit miles. I could have stopped. But then I started thinking… If I stop now, I’ll write this off as being two miles where I walked – it’s not a proper run. But…If I carry on for three miles, it will counts towards my proper marathon training. So I plodded on. And so   three miles it was.