Juneathon day 4/30 – lost property

Today I have been let down by technological failures. And by ‘technological failures’ I do mean ‘my ability to organise technology’. And by ‘technology’ I do mean ‘myself’. 

Last night I thought ‘I must charge my Garmin’. I got in from work today, fell asleep for an hour and then realised that I had a very dead Garmin. 

Plan B! I thought. I shall do Audiofuel intervals instead. 

So I looked for my shuffle. And looked. And looked. And looked. I keep rotating round the three places where I usually dump it and shuffling whatever’s there in the hope it will magically appear. 

So I decided to run as far as my Garmin battery would hold out for and then run back again. Turns out it was 0.28 miles, so I did 0.56 miles, which is a decidedly poor effort. 

Must try harder.