Juneathon 3/30 – nature walking

Today was another opportunity to combine Juneathon and #30dayswild. Every first Wednesday is Toddle Together at one of our local nature reserves. We went to one in February when Mini-Ginge had just started walking, unreliable and on his own terms. 

It was a bit of a disaster as he didn’t want to walk, go in his pram or be carried in his pouch, he howled for most of the time (very out of character) and I felt that he was woefully underdressed compared to other children (bad mum). On the plus side, the walk was led by a lovely chap called Jim who I actually knew from my rugby watching days and hadn’t seen for about 15 years. And we had a nice lunch. 
In better weather and with an enthusiastically walking boy, I had better hopes for today. It wasn’t a brisk walk, Mini-Ginge loves stones and cannot walk on a gravelly path without stopping every few feet to pick some up and redistribute them. The upside of this is that I got a good upper body workout from scooping him up and carrying him at times so that we could get further than the visitors centre.  


Apart from the stones, grass and a dandelion head, Mini-Ginge particularly liked a bus that was in the car park. I think I need to re-emphasise the nature part of the plan to him at some point. 

In other news, I discovered that the token yoga that I did on day one had actually worked some long neglected tummy muscles and I have spent all day wincing whenever I laughed.