Juneathon 8/30 – back on the horse

Thank you all for your kind wishes and concern, I’m very pleased to report that there doesn’t seem to be any proper injuries. My left hand is still a bit sore, my calf looks like someone has been at it with a cheese grater and my shoulder hurts if I poke at it (I know, don’t poke at it then).

Anyway, I was planning to run again today before the fall and it was important that I didn’t chicken out. Leaving Ginge and Mini-Ginge with In the Night Garden, I pottered off for a three mile out and back. Starting in a fine and not unpleasant drizzle, I was relieved to find that apart from a bit of general achiness, I didn’t feel too bad. I was also relieved to remember that I can run two days in a row without exploding and that I can run in the rain without melting.