Juneathon 15/30 – bootcamp

Anything involving the word ‘bootcamp’usually has me running for the hills, or more likely, skulking away and muttering curses. However, several things have come into alignment and I am trying out the Beginners Bootcamp by personal trainer Julia Buckley. 

I’ve been aware of her stuff on social media for ages and the lovely Sue (who I first met during the Athons) is a fantastic poster girl for the results that you can get with Julia’s workouts. 

The workouts are designed so that you can do them at home with the minimum of equipment. But I hate doing stuff at home, I feel wonky and uncoordinated, I’m sure I’m doing stuff wrong and then I give up. I’m totally new to all of this squatting and lunging  and as far as I’m concerned burpees are what you do to babies. 

The problem is, I want to get stronger. I get weird pangs of jealousy when I read about people’s strength training. Joining a gym isn’t an option so maybe a home programme is worth a shot. 

A version of the Beginners Bootcamp is still free on YouTube, so I had a look at the introductory video and it was like Julia was talking to me! All of the fears and anxieties I hoard were covered and solved, all of the mistakes I make, she knew about them. 

So tonight I did my first workout, in the kitchen, hoping none of the overlooking neighbours could see in. I was wobbly and wonky and I can’t do any form of press up, but it was nicely hard work and I finished it with a rosy glow.