Juneathon 25/26 – away

Yesterday’s Juneathon effort was wrangling Mini-Ginge around a field whilst trying to erect a tent. People were amazed when we took an eight month old camping, however that was the easy bit. Last year if we put him down, he stayed put or at worst, crawled off a few feet. This year he just legs it AND has an opinion on most things (usually expressed with a loud “NO NO NO NO NO”). 

Anyway, thanks to Ginge we have a well assembled tent, are still on speaking terms and our child hasn’t been devoured by a sheep. So we shall declare yesterday to be a success. 

Today I took my spanky new technology out for a trot around the local farmland. Thanks to the magic GPS finder (not the technical term), new Miles is able to find his satellite in super fast time. Basically, he has a nosy where all the satellites are going to be and then it’s easier to find them. In contrast, old Miles took the  approach of wearing a blindfold, spinning round three times and trying to pin the tail on the metaphorical donkey. In space. It was always a bit like trying to harpoon a Clanger. 

Anyway, new Miles doesn’t help me procrastinate by taking half an hour to find a satellite so off I popped. After a couple of miles I decided to have a breather, but realised that I didn’t know how to pause him. In the process of trying to do so, I accidentally ended my run and finished up with a 2 mile run and a 1 mile run done in quick succession. Back at the tent, I was able to download my runs to my phone which I still feel is some kind of sorcery.