Juneathon 14/30 – positive & negative

Two ways of looking at the same run:

The negative

  1. I ran-walked. A lot. 
  2. Especially up hills. I chickened out of hills. 
  3. I can’t control my pace, I keep going a bit too fast then having to walk. 
  4. There’s no way I can do a marathon. 

The positive

  1. I covered 7 miles, which is the longest I’ve done since 2013. I’ve also not done a full 6 miles for a few weeks (due to illness and falling over halfway through last week’s)
  2. It’s a hilly route and I did manage the first couple of uphills that I didn’t think I could do. 
  3. My overall pace was pretty much what I would have been aiming at. 
  4. No one is making me do a marathon tomorrow, I’ve got until November. 
  5. Nothing hurt and I didn’t fall over. 

I think, overall, I managed to shout down the negatives.