Juneathon 20/30 – nagged

At the stroke of midnight, as day 20 of Juneathon burst into life, I was cleaning up a sick-covered child. Not being a particularly sicky baby, I’m not too sure who was more shell-shocked by the experience. After I’d scooped him out of the cot, I sat down with him, thinking “I have never dealt with this situation and yet I am supposed to be able to solve it. Oh crap”. But then I think this probably sums up most aspects of parenthood. The de-sicked child perked up remarkably when he was allowed onto our bed, which is when he lulled us into a false sense of security and then puked on our bed too.

After a bit more sick, some mardy cuddles watching CBeebies and an epic nap,  Mini-Ginge seemed to be recharged and ready to nag mum into going for a walk. His nagging is subtle but effective. It mostly involves yanking me by the hand, stealing the house keys and trying to unlock the door. We made it about a quarter of a mile before he was spooked by two elderly ladies at the bus stop and demanded that we head back. Despite the fact that he decided that his legs didn’t work any more, he was determined to stay out so we weeded the gravel at the front of the house before heading in.

Where he promptly legged it to the back door and demanded to go out again.

Anyway, a short toddler speed walk is enough for a blagged Juneathon, but I didn’t want to blag today, so I did day four of my Beginner’s Bootcamp. This turned out to be a strong leg day, lots of squats and lunges, which might prove interesting on tomorrow’s long run.

(and can apologise for this being mostly a post about vomit with a brief mention of exercise)