Juneathon 7/30 – Fell, running


We have had a fabulous day out today, Open Farm Sunday looking at tractors and piglets (and pretending that I actually live in The Archers) then on to Crosby to see what Mini-Ginge thought of Antony Gormley’s Another Place. It turns out that Mini-Ginge was far too excited by sand, puddles and seaweed to offer any critical opinions of the piece.

My plan for a morning run had to be postponed so that we could fit in all of this excitement so the plan was for me to squeeze one in before tea. It was supposed to be six or seven miles – mentally I know that I need to get past six to avoid The Fear setting in about longer distances. On the other hand, I was looking forward to my tea. After a bit of umming and ahhhing, I decided to do a route that could be a little out and back if I couldn’t be bothered running six miles fancied a shorter, fast run, a six mile out and back, or a more creative, undulating 6-or-7-not-really-sure mile loop.

Coming up to the 3 mile mark I decided to go for the creative, undulating, unknown mileage route. At 3.36 miles, my plan fell over. Literally.

I was coming to the bottom of a long, steady hill where the footpath peters out without a proper kerb, but there’s no real trip hazards when I did a spectacular dive and the floor was rushing up to meet me. I leapt up, praising the fact that there was no one to witness this but also cursing the fact that there was no one to help me.

Then it hit me that I was three miles from home.

I considered knocking on the door of the neighbouring house and announcing pathetically “I fell over”, but I’m not sure what they would have been able to do for the red-faced sweaty woman brandishing a grazed knee at them. At this point, I felt the woosh of a faint starting to come on (I have a track record for fainting after a fall) and my next thought was “if they take me to A&E, I’m not wearing any pants” and was so mortified by this that the potential faint didn’t dare happen.


Photo doesn’t make it look as bad as it feels.


I turned round and set off walking, pausing occasionally to investigate my scrapes, bruises and the hole in my running tights. I was feeling very sorry for myself and was willing someone to notice my distress and offer to help me. No one did (possibly because I didn’t actually look that distressed) and I plodded on back up the hill that I had just run down. It dawned on me that it would take ages to get home, so I reached the top of the hill, put on another podcast and set off running. I ran-walked all the way home (and rounded up to 3 miles, well I wasn’t going to stop at 2.83 no matter how injured I was) and announced pathetically “I fell over”.

Photo (pasty skin) makes it look worse than it is...

Photo (pasty skin) makes it look worse than it is…

A quik inspection revealed an inventory consisting of; grazes to my left knee and shin, a slight scrape to my right inner  knee, a sore and possibly bruised left hand, a bashed left shoulder and a few little scrapes on my right elbow. I was also very relieved that my favourite irreplaceable race t-shirt had survived intact.I keep thinking that I also bruised my right thigh, but keep reminding myself that this was a pre-existing mystery bruise. I am now really hoping that they come up with a decent bruise so that I have something to show for all of this.

8 thoughts on “Juneathon 7/30 – Fell, running

  1. knitnrun4sanity says:

    Oh no! I hope you are not too bad this morning. We all do it, I fell over in a sell out half a while back. That was embarrassing! Still wearing the tights with holes in! Well done for keeping going, especially rounding up- a true competitive runner 😉

  2. Helen says:

    I’m sorry Cassie, but I laughed!

    Hope you’re ok 🙂 And if you fall at Spitfire, I’ll shout you’re not wearing pants so you don’t faint.

    You won’t fall though.

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