Janathon 31/31 – in which I collapse, face down in my porridge

Well that’s another another Athon signed off. 31 from 31. Running every day (despite not intending to that at all) and hopefully not incurring any niggling injuries along the way (I definitely see some foam roller action in my near future).

After Sunday’s long run, I totted up my mileage so far and it came to 95.5 miles. My total for Janathon 2011 was 103 miles. I ummmed and  ahhhhed about trying to beat last year, but decided that isn’t part of my Janathon story and chose to aim at 100, which left 1.5 miles this morning. I really didn’t want a repeat of Juneathon 2010 (when I got back to the tent after my ‘final’ run only to tally up my mileage and realise that I had done 99, so I went back out and did another one) so I did 2 miles. Just to be on the safe side.

I’m happy to confirm that this final effort has left my Janathon total as follows:

  • 31 activities
  • 100.65 miles
  • 17 hours and 31 miles
  • 3403ft of elevation gained
  • 12,354 calories burned

Which equates to around 150 Lindt balls (or 171 Ferrero Rocher in old money).


12 thoughts on “Janathon 31/31 – in which I collapse, face down in my porridge

  1. bogtrotter64 says:

    Well done – great effort and you’ve comfortably beaten me on mileage (no real surprise there, Mrs 11-miles-in-one-go). Hope you come out injury and niggle free.

    My final basic figures: 77.24 miles run, 4.3km swim, 5125ft of ascent, goodness knows how many calories!

    I may try to do it again in June and blog next time, but work and kids will probably scupper that as usual.

  2. henniemavis says:

    Excellent! Maybe I will try for 100 in June? I too did not try to beat my last tally (76.5 mi.)… tho by the weekend, I was tempted. I will fall less than 10 mi. short after today’s run, which I haven’t done yet… hmm… (kidding)

    Anyway, good job! May you eat yourself sick on Lindt truffles! (I mean that in a most jealous way)

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