Janathon 12/31 – in which I unexpectedly run in daylight

I cannot express the joy that I felt at not having to get up to run at stupid o’clock this morning. Three nights out of the house is more than enough for me and even though a teeny tiny part of my brain said “go on, let’s go for 5/5”, my tired body told me that today was a post-work run.

Yesterday’s early run was caused by a brief excursion to Lancaster to watch the fabulous Mark Thomas at The Dukes. It was his Manifesto show in which he takes suggestions from the audience for a manifesto to make the world a better place. I know some of you have plans for world domination (I’m mainly thinking of you Hels) and I’m sure that a fair few Athoners would love this show (and have probably heard it on Radio 4). The audience’s idea range from the ideologically driven to the silly to the downright odd. My favourites from last night include:
Tracksuits should only be worn by people who do exercise.
Everyone who has a garden should keep chickens – they are a great social leveller (with the explanation that, and I quote the nice well to do looking lady next to us who said it, if you keep chickens you have to chase chickens and everyone looks like a dick when they’re chasing a chicken).
Fag breaks for non-smokers.

And my most favourite of all… People with car stickers declaring that their car is powered by fairy dust should not be allowed to fill up at petrol stations.

Oh, and there was the war on potatoes lady who wanted them removing from fruit and veg aisles in supermarkets. I suspect her reasoning was that they don’t count as one of your five a day, but the reason that she gave was that potatoes had ‘made everyone fat’. Luckily, there was this poster in the foyer that counteracted her madness and made me think of Shaun over at I like to count.


We didn’t get home until quite late, so the normal workday alarm was set (and snoozed through). Conveniently, the layout of my working day and a bit of time owing meant that I could squeeze in a three miler before darkness set in. I decided to take on my hill and got a bit further up it, despite burning lungs. I’m very optimistic that next time I run it, that hill will be mine…