Janathon 28/31 – in which we continue our adventure in Blackpool

I woke up this morning at 7:15, peeled my eyes open and felt quite alright. I lay there trying to work out whether this meant that I had managed to swerve a hangover or meant that I was still a bit drunk. Everything seemed to be working ok so I embarked on a frosty 3 miles up to the Tower and back. Ginge accompanied me at walking pace and acted as official photographer.


Outside the Tower is the Comedy Carpet featuring the gags and catchphrases of 1000 comedians. As a tribute to those people featuring Jokeathons on their blogs, this is one of my favourites from Billy Connolly.


Tonight is where things will become potentially messier. Everyone will buff up their shiniest shoes, comb their best toupees and check their ties for last year’s gravy stains before heading down for a night of stand up bingo, after dinner speaking and possibly the naffest mobile disco in Lancashire. Wish me luck for tomorrow…