Janathon 3/31 – in which there is much talk of pastry

There comes a point in the Athons where you find yourself muttering “if it wasn’t for Janathon….” Today was that day.  I’d opted for an after work run with Ginge and, had it not been for Janathon, I would happily have got in from work, shut the door and stuck the kettle on.

Before we set off, I peered through the blinds and thought ‘well at least it’s not raining, but I won’t say that because that will curse us’. It turns out that the weather gods can actually hear thoughts as it drizzled at a mile, lashed it down at two and hailed at three.  Running into the wind and with slightly aching legs from yesterday’s efforts, it wasn’t the speediest run in the world but it was three miles that otherwise wouldn’t have been done.

Apart from this, I have mostly been thinking about pastry. I had mixed success with my first creation from The Boy Who Bakes – an orange Portugese custard tart – with hindsight I should have opted for something with a little less disaster potential . I made a beautifully smooth orange custard, rolled, folded, chilled my pastry (and again, and again), lined my cases and they emerged, curdled,  from the oven. Apparently this is a common problem and is due to over-cooking, so although they tasted rather lovely they were a bit on the lumpy side. After sampling a few, the quality control department (Ginge) has declared enough of an interest in them to put them to the “ongoing experiment list”.

It possibly shows something of our personalities that he is willing to try something, refine it and make it again, until he reaches perfection (his recent adventures in homemade pastrami are evidence of this). On the other hand, I have a go at something and if it doesn’t work, I sulk for a bit and then make something else (except oatmeal and raisin cookies – they remain a nemesis that I battle with on a regular basis).

Seeing as I have declared my only resolution for 2012 to be “make a pork pie”, I may just designate this as my Year of Pastry.

Yesterday’s random Janathon blog was jftsmith.