Janathon 30/31 – in which eventually I “get out of the bloody car”

Ginge has very kindly summarised day 30 with the following:

“It was cold, I didn’t want to run but my mean husband made me cos if I didn’t I wouldn’t be allowed to have my post-Janathon annual unseasonal barbeque. I FAFFED ROUND FOR YONKS AT WOM (‘home’ for my southern readers) BEFORE WE SET OFF TO TESCO. And I ran 3 miles the quickest I have in aaaaages. One more run to go. Ginge doffs his cap to all who have finished Janathon”.

That basically covers it, but I feel that I should elaborate a bit. It was cold. I didn’t really want to go to Tesco, let alone go to Tesco and then run. I stalled for as long as possible before we set off (including an attempt at hiding under the kitchen table at one point, although I suspect that was never going to work while I was wearing hi-vis) and then stalled for as long as possible in the car before I was kicked out in the layby at the side of the road. In Ginge’s defence, he did kick me out where I had asked to be released. Personally, I would have thrown me out before we’d even left the car park.

I had fully intended it to be an easy stretch of the legs after yesterday’s efforts, but somehow I managed to find a 9:29min/mile pace in them, which I would be more than happy with on any given day. I’m not sure whether it was the very cold legs, the prospect of the end of Janathon, residual Disaronno or the slightly scary but slightly wonderful email telling me that I’ve got a place in the Royal Parks Half in October. Whatever it was, it worked.

Tomorrow Janathon will draw to a close. I will run in the morning, donate my armful of blood after work and then be rewarded with a post-Janathon barbecue of Welsh Dragon sausage on homemade (Dan Lepard recipe) buns. Wherever you are, you are likely to hear my sigh of relief.

Large soft white baps. Fnar.