Janathon 18/31 – in which I run and do non-power yoga

I like Ginge, he often points out the obvious, like if I’m on training and will be home earlier than normal then I don’t have to do an early run. So I didn’t. I enjoyed the extra time this morning by mostly wasting it and ending up late. Ah well.

By the time I got home, got changed and got distracted by buying something on Amazon, Ginge himself was home so I sacked off the planned intervals and enjoyed a bit of company (the other option was me setting off in one direction and him going in the other, which just seemed daft). It was just three miles, and relatively uneventful apart from the brief delay where I had to take my tights off and turn them the right way out (before we left, not at the roadside…) and a narrowly avoided decapitation by a stray hawthorn branch. We just did a three mile out and back, but I’ve carried on trying to up my pace a little. We’re still making conversation but it’s more of an effort for me (probably to the relief of Ginge).

Of course, Wednesday night is yoga night and it’s with a certain sigh of relief that I’ve returned to my usual class instead of Monday’s power class. We appear to be working on sun salutations, but in this class we’ll do them section by section and use other poses to build up each block rather than just rattle through the sequence like last week. Unfortunately, I seem to have done a bit of a Punch and Judy and have arrived just in time for the arrival of the crocodile.

My explanation of the sequence was a bit rubbish last week, so for Adele (and anyone else who’s interested) this explains the sequence in full and this demonstrates crocodile. It’s a bit planky (I bet that some of you lot plank like this, probably for days at a time) and the challenging bit is going from a standing forward bend, straight into crocodile just by jumping your feet back. I am at a stage of either going SPLAT or compromising with upward facing dog – I probably need to be more fearless with my jumping. Which seems a good enough life lesson to end on.