Janathon 11/31: in which I look for courage, a brain, a heart and a matching pair of socks

This morning’s run was mainly fuelled by sheer bloody mindedness. You might call it determination, but that would imply a degree of enthusiasm. Bed was located later than intended because of my (already documented) Internet problems and the fact that I hadn’t finished blogging the previous day’s run.

When the alarm went off, I could have sworn that it had just been 5 minutes since I went to sleep. My only evidence that it had been longer was that I dreamed that I had to try to save myself from a tornado. If you analysed that, you might think it was a subconscious fear of being swept away and losing control (5 days with no Internet!). However, I suspect that it was more likely to do with having gone to see the Wonderful Wizard of Oz at the Octagon, Bolton.

We snuck in with just a few days left of the run and I’m so glad we did. The Octagon’s Christmas shows are a master class in multitasking. Small casts are multiplied by clever use of accents, hats and incredibly talented musicianship. Last night included (but wasn’t limited to trumpet, piano, cello, clarinet, maracas, guitar (acoustic), guitar (electric), drums, violin and accordion, often being played by someone different than in the previous scene. There’s something very emotional about brass, so the tin man playing the trombone was enough to make me wobble, ages before the actual life affirming moral of the play was introduced (during which Dorothy did some awesome crying). Anyway, it turned out that the Wizard was from Wigan and with a click of her ruby Converse, Dorothy was returned home to Bolton.

We’re very tempted to book for the next production (Alfie), although I suspect there would be fewer Munchkins in that.

Anyway, this morning. I’ve been saving my intervals for a day when I was too late/tired/grumpy to do 3 mil. Today seemed as good a time as any and after playing “lucky dip kit” in the dark (being organised lasted a whole day) I plodded (keeping my feet to the beat).

Because of my Internet issues, my blog reading has stalled so apologies for not commenting as much as I’d like. And now I go to sleep, safe in the knowledge that I only get up at 7. Lovely!