Janathon 19/31 – in which I attempt to cheat

There are some days when you rue the decision to defer your run from the early morning. When the alarm went off, it seemed the best idea in the world; when I arrived home in the cold, wet and dark with the wind whistling at the back door, I really wasn’t so keen. I did try my best to outsource today’s Janathon (thanks Sue for the kind offer of “bike ride home”) but I realised that Janathon by proxy would probably incur the wrath of JogBlog, which is not something to be trifled with.

Miles went in his zip lock food bag hi-tech waterproof casing on top of the wheelie bin his special satellite seeking cradle and luckily I arsed about conducted meticulous preparation enough for the rain to pass. It was back to the audiofuel intervals today (in preparation for the next time I challenge Miles to his mile challenge) and home for a healthy tea of falafels.

In other news, I appear to have taken yesterday’s advice to heart and have jumped into something at work and also stuck my name in the hat for the Royal Parks Half ballot. My main reason for this is ‘medal envy’ and the fact that lots of Athoners ran it last year and quite frankly, I felt left out (all together now, ahhhhhhhhhhhh).


3 thoughts on “Janathon 19/31 – in which I attempt to cheat

  1. Local Adventures says:

    I have some of those hi-tech waterproof casings for phone, MP3 player, jelly babies etc. I like the Baco ones with the dinosaurs on. If they’re good enough for Cracknell in the Marathon De Sables, they’re just about good enough for me.

  2. fitartist says:

    Really well done on doing it, I hate that evening feeling when you would much rather put your feet up instead of pounding them in the rain.

    And now you’ve made me want to enter the ballot even though I had a shitty time last year. Hmmm, if you’re doing it, I’d like to…

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