Janathon 13/31 – in which I am glad it’s Friday


That was the sound of me throwing down the gauntlet to Miles.

I was very glad when the clock struck five today and was a bit “awwwww, do I have to…?” when faced with Janathon tonight. So a mile racing Miles it was.

I set him for 8:40, had a tootle round the block to warm up and off I raced. Until I nearly ran into a young lad dressed all in black. On a black bike. With no lights. Recovery made and swear words muttered, I raced onwards realising I was slipping behind in this two person race. Up and round on the way back, I pulled ahead but the final incline did for me and the little git my worthy opponent beat me by 68ft.

Next week I’ll have him…

5 thoughts on “Janathon 13/31 – in which I am glad it’s Friday

  1. Lesley Boniface says:

    Well done – I had a dead Garmin tonight (2nd time that’s happened). Don’t know whether it was down to Friday the 13th but I had to ask a young lad to purchase some lights for his tiny little bike!

  2. abradypus says:

    Dear Garmin

    In the interests of fair competition, please will you add in some traffic lights, school children, inspottable cyclists and other obstacles for Miles to contend with on his runs.

    Yours etc

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