Janathon 6/31: In which I mostly eat vegetables

Had I been planning my runs around the weather, I would have gone out this morning when it was cold but clear. However, bed seemed more appealing this morning and I postponed to an after-work run (always a dangerous plan on a Friday). I went for my standard Janathon out and back (right at the front door, right again at the top of the road, run, turn round, home) because it’s well lit, not too hilly and the return leg always passes quickly no matter how far you run. It was strangely enjoyable for a Friday night

With Janathon done and Ginge at work, I’ve had my standard lonesome tea (a big veggie stirfry, usually cobbled together but today from this recipe off of the Good Food website – I am not proud to admit that although the recipe called for 350g of veg for four people, I scoffed a 300g boxful on my own. But I did reduce the sauce, so I’m not larded up on peanut butter) and am now eyeing up the haul from Ikea. The rest of this evening will be spent communing with an allen key, debating whether to fill the baking tin with Edd’s chocolate chip cookies or something from the Book of Dan and pondering which path my Janathon journey will take over the next few days.

Yesterday the random Janathon generator found Finding Jacky and her wonderful mindmap.

4 thoughts on “Janathon 6/31: In which I mostly eat vegetables

  1. fortnightflo says:

    I love building flat pack furniture – as I lack a creativeness it feels good to buid somethings, even if it is from a box and I always have extra bits leftiver. Good luck!

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