Janathon 1/31 – in which we start the new year with a bit of a tiff

Before I start, I’d best clarify an important detail for any new Janathon readers that I may aquire (Hello new Janathon readers!). I refer quite frequently to a couple of very important people – Miles and Ginge. Ginge is my husband, Miles is my Garmin. Luckily I argue more with Miles than I do with Ginge.

Miles and I started the New Year with a bit of a falling out. It was one of our usual things – not the incessant nagging, just the endless questions.

No. We are not indoors, I wish we were though. It would not be threatening to rain in there.

Miles love, apart from going to work I've barely moved from the settee, you know that. You're dusty.

Of course it is! It's the start of Janathon - we'll be out here a lot...

Eventually, he managed to see past the clouds and found the hidden satellite and we did a nice 3 miles around the lodge, got rained on and then decided to opt for the big steep hill home, instead of the big long not so steep hill home. It knackered me, so I’ve decided that I will own that hill this year.

A damp, green, mossy day

Apart from my mum’s present (which still remains unopened) not a single Ferrero has entered our house this Christmas (and not just because I ate them all on the doorstep). Instead, my Christmas nemesis has been the Lindt people with their bloody chocolate-ears. I have devoured a box of Lindt truffle balls (except the white ones, which Ginge took off my hands) and what I haven’t eaten in balls, I’ve made up with the After Eights that are stashed in my office at work. Looking at the nutritional values, I’m pleased to see that the dark chocolates come in at the least calories (by 6…) but am slightly horrified that having the odd sphere of melty goodness every night has clocked up about 1400 calories that I wouldn’t otherwise have eaten. I’m also quite relieved that the minty balls haven’t made their way across the Atlantic yet, I don’t think that I would be able to resist those at all.

That's the problem with these, they go straight to your hips...

13 thoughts on “Janathon 1/31 – in which we start the new year with a bit of a tiff

  1. AmyW (@amerbob) says:

    Hello! *waves* I’m one of your new Janathon readers! I love this post – if I had a £ for every time I’ve had that row with my Garmin! Of course if I also had a £ for every bit of Lindt chocolate I’ve eaten this festive season…… 🙂

  2. plustenner says:

    Love Miles and his quirky comments 🙂
    Have ordered myself a Garmin 110 with vouchers I got for xmas, wonder if her and I are going to have similar conversations ( I decided it would be a ‘she’ as a ‘he’ would not ask for directions!)

  3. 7stoneitch says:

    Not a new reader because of Janathon but first time Janathoner and commenter so a *friendly wave* anyway 🙂

  4. fairweatherrunner says:

    I know the feeling about anoying garmins… thankfully mine dosent speak to me quite like Miles. No chocolate problems here – just cake, mince pies and stolen.
    Great start – loook forward to hearing about conquest of that hill.

  5. Beautiful Disaster says:

    Hmmm I have contemplated purchasing a garmin but your post assures me I am better off without!! haha. Its difficult enough to get out there. Great job on day 1 with that hill!

  6. henniemavis says:

    Good heavens, I come here to check your progress on Day 1… & go away with an unbearable craving for truffles! Yes, Lindt chocolate is lovely, isn’t it? I could have shipped you some of their mint truffles for Christmas, had you only spoken up sooner! Your moody Garmin is a hoot.

  7. Jilly says:

    Love the blog, made me laugh out loud, I’ve seen a few of those Lindt devils myself this past fortnight, Thus the 8 pound weight gain.. arrggh.

  8. Emily Woodeson says:

    Lindt balls are my all time favourite. Sadly to get them here requires me to part with such extortionate numbers of pennies that not one single one has been eaten :(. Therefore, please eat one, or three, for me! Thank you!

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