Juneathon days 21 and 22: Irritable bowl syndrome

Despite the usual trying to waste enough time to avoid going out on Sunday morning, I eventually got out of the door and plodded up the road. Did about an hour, which was about 5.6miles. Although I was really chuffed with this at the time (it’s further than I’ve ever been on my own), I’ve become increasingly disappointed with myself for not going further/quicker. I also got to shake my air maracas on the way home!

Sunday afternoon saw my crown green bowling debut. Hmmm. Luckily we were partnered into bowlers and non-bowlers, so at the very least I had some experienced supervision. My experienced supervision was provided by one of the junior bowlers, which meant my partner barely reached my elbow height and I was old enough to be his mother. Unfortunately, by the time we hit our stride, we’d been knocked out of the competition…

Today I was on a training day which was being held at a hotel a couple of miles from home, so I took advantage of being able to leave the car at home and walked up. A superb way of squeezing in Juneathon, which has left me with three huge blisters. Nice.

2 thoughts on “Juneathon days 21 and 22: Irritable bowl syndrome

  1. Highway kind says:

    Don’t feel bad about your pace or distance. it really doesn’t matter.

    All that it is important is that you get out consistently and go at a pace you can sustain.

    You mustn’t nag yourself. Instead you celebrate what you can do and remember why running makes you feel good.

    • travellinghopefully says:

      Thank you – when it comes to me and my achievements, I have a tendency to focus on what I haven’t done (or could have done better) rather than think about what went well. A year ago, the idea of me running a mile would have been laughable, let alone 5. And to cast back to my primary school maths, 5.6 would round up to 6, not down to 5!

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