Janathon day five: Spar treatment

It was wet, there was housework to be done (well Ginge had to deal with the twelfth night aftermath of choosing a ten foot tall Christmas tree) and I spent much of today in fleecy pyjamas. To be honest, the day took a while to get going because I’m finding that I’m completely knackered in the mornings at the moment. Before Mini-Ginge came along, I was an early bird – I consider morning to be the best part of the day (and am convinced that the day is pretty much over by about two in the afternoon). At the moment, I’m getting up to do a 4/5am feed and feeling quite awake afterwards. I keep thinking about getting up and doing stuff, but choose to get another couple of hours shut-eye before his next breakfast. When I wake up for this feed, I’m much sleepier than I was pre-dawn. It is annoying.

Anyway, whinging over. Today’s Janathon was a family walk up to the Spar to pick up a few bits that we needed for tea (the meal, not cuppa or cream, abradypus). We did try to add a bit more of a loop on, but the wind was bitter and the only one of us not bothered by this was tucked up, asleep and cosy in his pram. It was just over a mile.

Oh, and I did do my physio exercises before the midnight cut-off, but I’m still a set behind because I’ve only just eaten and Sherlock’s on in a bit.

Tomorrow I am venturing to the actual gym. I can only use two pieces of equipment, can’t find my locker padlock and am not sure that I have any kit that looks ok or at least doesn’t run the risk of indecency charges.


Please note the time at the top

Physio exercises (at time of writing 4/5).

Janathon day three: canal yomping

Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer walking along water (along, not on, I’ve not got that much of a complex) than say, a dual-carriageway. I had toyed with a new route, but twitter advised me that the area was on flood alert, so I decided to have a yomp on the canal where the tidal risk is somewhat lower.

With the Met Office threatening heavy rain all day, I realised that I’d have to time this well to avoid looking like a really irresponsible parent. It wouldn’t be so bad if I had been taking Mini-Ginge in his pushchair, but I had a feeling that the towpath might be a bit too puddled and I had opted for putting him in his sling. If there was a downpour, I would have a very soggy baby…

We opted for my usual stretch with the intention of just doing half an hour. However, the sun kept shining, the sky was blue and himself was sound asleep, so we kept on going and ended up doing 50 minutes. Now, I must be suffering from Garmin deprivation because I found myself thinking “I could just round it up, just five minutes extra on the end and then turn back round…”. As I started to set off on my just five minutes extra, the sky darkened and I made it back to the car just in time…

Oh, and I did my physio exercises as well. They are still hard.

Physio 3/3

Janathon day two: Bird on a stick

Alright, I’ll admit it, one of the reasons that I didn’t practise my physio exercises was that I was a bit cocky. “This is just like dead easy yoga” I said to myself, “this will be a walk in the park” said I. Ha. And double ha. At today’s class I moved up to Level Two and I was rubbish. Some exercises I was fine with, but trying to do a clam with my bottom leg raised off the floor? No chance. I was wobbling like a jelly on a seesaw.

Once I recovered from the embarrassment of being caught trying to look better at it than I actually was, I swore blind that this time I will practise them before the next class (23rd January if anyone wants to nag).

After the class, Ginge and I took the mini one for a walk round the lodge, stopping to get a bit of lunch before we headed home. At this point I made the rash decision to go back up the short steep hill rather than the long, slow hill. Now, I can’t actually run this hill at the best of times and judging by my inability to push a pram up it without going extremely red in the face, I won’t be running it any time soon. On the plus side, Mini-Ginge and I have found our hill training (he slept through it despite the bumpy pavement and the sound of his mother wheezing). With an added loop from walking to baby clinic, this was a good three miles and is likely to be one of our regular Janathon walks (I apologise now for the repetitive bird photos).


Physio exercises 2/2Miles walked 3

Juneathon day seventeen: token

If this was a running Juneathon, I would have run a token mile today. As it was, I still did a token mile. But it was walked. And split into two convenient bitesize chunks.

First up we had a walk up to see the midwife for my check up. All is fine and I am fairly certain that this is the first (and possibly last) time that I have Athoned with a tube of my own wee in my pocket. At lunchtime, this was followed by a walk from work up to the sandwich shop and back.

After work, we went round to mum’s to have a practise at assembling our new tent. Our old tent was on its last legs and the running repairs that we did last summer weren’t likely to hold up to another week away this year, so we’ve invested in a new one. It’s a lot more solidly built than the last one and is somewhat roomier (planning ahead for next year…). Assembling its colour-coded parts was a little Krypton Factor-like in places, making it both a mental and physical challenge.


If you’re a novice camper, I would heartily recommend having a test run of getting your tent up. Preferably before you go away. Preferably where no one can hear you scream.

Janathon day three: Tea in the park

Today was supposed to involve some sort of early exercise. That was the plan. However, after enjoying a lovely, lovely weekend, I was loathe to release the last dying minutes of Sunday night from my clammy grasp and stayed up far too late.


After being cooped up in the office all day, I didn’t fancy the gym and it was still a bit too warm for a run. And it was big shop night at Tesco. Normally during an Athon, Ginge would drop me off in a layby somewhere and I run home from there. Not tonight though, instead Ginge came up with a genius idea.

We whizzed round the supermarket, assembled the component parts for tea and set off to Haigh Hall.

The view from the Hall

The view from the Hall

Tea (mackerel tostadas from Thomasina Miers’ Mexican Food Made Simple if you’re interested) was then put together whilst sitting on a bench in the park enjoying the sunshine. After that we had a 30 minute yomp through the woods…


…down to the canal…


…and back to the hall.


Our pace was a bit slacker than on Saturday, but I put that down to a combination of inclines, uneven ground, flipflops and being full of food.

Having said that, I did manage to prove that I have bit more speed in my legs when I raced off to make sure that I got my cornet of Uncle Joe’s Mint Ball ice cream before the shop shut…