Juneathon Day 6 – Thank you Juneathon people!

Hmmm. Weekend plans went a little awry. It started last night when I realised I have to do a presentation at work next Monday. I’ve no work time to work on it and have stuff on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday nights and we realised we want to get away for a bit of a weekend camp next weekend which rules out Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This also potentially rules out new and exciting exercise for a week.

I cancelled my scheduled run with the running bully (who seemed moderately relieved) and spent today with a table covered in journal articles and everyone’s chum, Powerpoint.

Just when I was getting a bit fed up with the idea of failing at day 6 (I can be a bit all or nothing with my thinking when things don’t go to plan), I had a read through of people’s blogs (obviously not while working on my presenation, no sir…) and realised the motivating power of Juneathon.

I learned

  1. I’m not the only one finding today to be a hard day for doing something
  2. Reading Running & Thinking reminded me that I have possession of a Wii for another 48 hours and as such, I clocked up an hour or so on the aerobic and balance games. I particularly enjoyed being a penguin
  3. If it wasn’t for Juneathon, I would have sat on my bum watching crap telly

Got a rural 5 miles planned tomorrow, am taking husband and his local knowledge so I don’t get lost…

Oh, and I walked to the library which is a whole 0.3 miles (with a very heavy hardback book).